Punjab of the Popular Imagination


There is a stereotype for the people of Punjab that is known across the country; perhaps no other stereotype is as stereotypical as this one. And so that stereotype has played a major role in depicting the entire state of Punjab in the popular imagination, as we know today. Most people know Punjab through the […]

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My God


I’ve heard people talk of God In the great blue sky and sitting in our souls In the sun and the river And always, always in the food we have Serve him, they say, serve the God And he will be there for you He will stand by you, and help you And bless you […]

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The Magic of Harry Potter: A Writing Workshop

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The Magic of Harry Potter: A Literature and Writing Workshop  Your Hogwarts letter has arrived. A series of ten workshops in which we study a curated list of different themes and nuances in Harry Potter, followed by creative writing workshops- delivered by literary rockstars. You’ve heard them at literary festivals, you’ve read their articles, and […]

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Quiz-Ditch: The Ultimate Harry Potter Pop Quiz


POTTERHEADS, gather up! For all the times you read Harry Potter into the night and shed tears over Dumbledore and Dobby, we bring to you Quiz-Ditch: The Ultimate Harry Potter Pop Quiz- a kick-off to our Harry Potter Workshops! A quiz played in the form of Quidditch, all you needed right? Registration NOW CLOSED (13/06/16) […]

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