Quiz and Ball Schedule


Turn off all distractions: important info coming up! This is how the night will pan out (unless we get attacked by death eaters of course, in case of which a warning-by-patronus is welcome). The Harry Potter Pub Quiz Last Entry: 6.30 pm Quiz Format 4 Rounds Round 1: Paper Test Round 2: Paper Test Round […]

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Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Walk


The leaves in the meadows are now yellow and brown. They crinkle at the slightest touch, and are gathered around the elm trees that perimeter the grass, which covers the ground like rich, green velvet, cut through only by dark grey, concrete pathways. We walk on the pathways because the grass is always wet. The […]

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It’s been a difficult question To answer What it means to truly love someone. They say it’s selfish All love is selfish You love for yourself For contentment And security Some drama Entertainment To grab a hand in bad times Sweaty though it may be To share a laugh in good times Embarrassing though it […]

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