The Meaning in Life


How can someone say life is meaningless? Everywhere I look I can find it Beauty in the meaning Meaning in the beauty Every time I see a smile turn into laughter The corners of lips curve The glint in an eye A loud clap; an outburst of hilarity The perfect timing of the right joke […]

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The Boy in Love With People

cartoon curious boy

I knew once a boy Irrevocably in love with people He stares at your little mouth As it curves and laughs He looks into your twinkly eyes As they flicker so fast He loves them The colorful people Walking around with little stories His eyes blaze as you move Your smile fresh and new He […]

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Inheritances don’t always add something to your life. Sometimes, they are simply inheritances of frustration, displaced temper passed from one generation to the next. Inheritances of pretence, hitting you in the middle of a quiet night, fostering sobs you didn’t know could exist. Inheritances of resentment, stagnating bitterness that somehow never goes away, that reminds […]

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