In a tranquil breeze the wildflowers dance I think of life and I think of chance And while roses and dahlias put quite a show It is the wildflower I’d rather know Though the others saw a troublesome mess The wildflower always cared very less By the gurgling stream and the thunderous sun The wildflower […]

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What Heroes Are Made Of


We are taught to say I’ll be a firefighter And save lives And a doctor too To stop the cries I’ll fight in the war To bring us glory Be a painter Or write a little story I’ll be a pilot And ride the sky A big CEO With a fancy blue tie And so […]

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pink Chinese rose with oval shaped petals vector illustration

15.05.2017   Resilience has a face With skin so soft it might melt Weathered by the years of life With dark spots Yet it shines with each smile A face I’ve known Since the beginning of time   Resilience has its own smell It smells of flowers And baths Its hands are pink Like its […]

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The Meaning in Life


How can someone say life is meaningless? Everywhere I look I can find it Beauty in the meaning Meaning in the beauty Every time I see a smile turn into laughter The corners of lips curve The glint in an eye A loud clap; an outburst of hilarity The perfect timing of the right joke […]

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The Boy in Love With People

cartoon curious boy

I knew once a boy Irrevocably in love with people He stares at your little mouth As it curves and laughs He looks into your twinkly eyes As they flicker so fast He loves them The colorful people Walking around with little stories His eyes blaze as you move Your smile fresh and new He […]

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Inheritances don’t always add something to your life. Sometimes, they are simply inheritances of frustration, displaced temper passed from one generation to the next. Inheritances of pretence, hitting you in the middle of a quiet night, fostering sobs you didn’t know could exist. Inheritances of resentment, stagnating bitterness that somehow never goes away, that reminds […]

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A drink


A drink Could mean That you compliment my eyes The evening might be nice And the stars could be bright The breeze a bit light And our glasses might clink While the lights would blink And I might just think Where is my favorite song Although I say the words all wrong And maybe I […]

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The Truth of People


The only people for me are the true ones Whose eyes ring true with love When they close them for a fraction of second It is for reassurance When they laugh It is the truth which arises from their chest And their nod Is like the world gone easy The wave of their hand Matches […]

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It’s been a difficult question To answer What it means to truly love someone. They say it’s selfish All love is selfish You love for yourself For contentment And security Some drama Entertainment To grab a hand in bad times Sweaty though it may be To share a laugh in good times Embarrassing though it […]

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The Dilemma of the Name


It was the greatest dilemma of all Faced by Generations and generations and generations Of  women The Dilemma of the Name. For what would she call a person Whose name she cannot take? She assigns him Some vagueness A signifier A twitch of the brow Some sense in the tone And say “inhone” And “unhone” […]

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