What does it mean to be traveling in India?


A single or a couple of women taking a trip in India comes with its own volley of problems, as every step of the way throws up a new challenge. First of all, you cannot do the most travel-esque thing: hitchhike. A method tried and tested for travel experiences that remain unforgotten, in a country […]

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Life is like that Chilli Crab


[Image source: http://www.loverofcreatingflavours.co.uk/2015/02/like-hot-birds-eye-chilli-singapore-chilli-crab/] After the travels of a long day which had now turned into the night as the city buzzed with clinks of wine glasses, bursts of laughter and the clatter of knives and forks, the sounds of dinner, we were starving. Starving and tired, so we could have collapsed anywhere, after a busy and […]

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A Story of Two Buses


[Image courtesy: https://www.gapyear.com/countries/india/getting-around] I quickly sought to repress the waves of horror that threatened to rise in my chest as I caught my first glance of the bus- peeling paint, sketchy windows, strange people, and rickety seats. I gulped down my panic, and took deep long breaths; nothing is impossible, and if nothing is impossible, I […]

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Of cobbled streets and express flyovers, congested living and starry houses, beautiful beaches and the heaps of garbage piled upon them, and of high rises which surround Asia’s largest slum. Of the beauty of the rains and the clogging of the roads, of the people with dreams and striving to make ends meet, the people […]

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