Do You Know How Astronauts Wash Their Hair in Space?

Taking a shower in this cold weather might seem a task to you, but have you ever wondered how astronauts, who live in conditions of zero gravity and limited resources complete the daily rituals of life, including washing their hair?

This video by NASA Johnson shows step by step how Karen Nyberg washes her hair in space, starting right from the things she needs: a squirty bag of warm water on top of which is a fitted pipe, shampoo, towel and a comb. She uses minimum amounts of water to squirt on her hair, which are standing upright on her head.

The fun begins when drops of water begin floating away from her and around. To prevent floating away, shampoo is also squirted through a nozzle, and her hair stands upright all throughout, like a porcupine’s. Karen Nyberg also emphasizes that without standing under running water, she needs to massage her hair with a towel to make sure it reaches everywhere.

The best part in the whole exercise however, is that once the water from her hair dries, the air conditioning system inside the space station will take the humidity from the air, condense it, and their water processing system will turn the same water into drinking water!

Things work very differently up their in space, but are also very fascinating to learn about.

Watch the full video here:

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