What Heroes Are Made Of


We are taught to say

I’ll be a firefighter

And save lives

And a doctor too

To stop the cries

I’ll fight in the war

To bring us glory

Be a painter

Or write a little story

I’ll be a pilot

And ride the sky

A big CEO

With a fancy blue tie

And so they tell us

Be the president

And the country you’ll lead

Or a big professor

Who would teach and read

And so we learn about heroes

And so we know who are our heroes.


But an idle Tuesday morning

I learnt of a different kind of hero

I went to the kitchen sink

Post a fresh shower

In lazy breakfast sleepiness

I rubbed my eyes and blinked

Something white and solid

Lay there the whole night

Rotten foul and smelly

It was a disgusting sight

I complained and cried

Stamped my foot and sighed

Averted my eyes

Ignored its ugly size

Yet whatever I did

The goeey white thing

Stayed on my mind

As it lay rotting

I cursed people

And their habits

Making a face

Walking in daze


But then came John

Of the John and Sunny

Laughing at my anger

Finding it funny

In an instant

He pushed back his sleeves

Scrunhed his nose

And did the deed

And then came Sunny

Of the John and Sunny

Patting him on the head

Smiling widely she said

He’s a hero.

A hero of the Everyday Things.


A hero of Little Things.

Each day and every day.

A hero Every Day.

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