The Boy in Love With People

cartoon curious boy

I knew once a boy Irrevocably in love with people He stares at your little mouth As it curves and laughs He looks into your twinkly eyes As they flicker so fast He loves them The colorful people Walking around with little stories His eyes blaze as you move Your smile fresh and new He […]

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Inheritances don’t always add something to your life. Sometimes, they are simply inheritances of frustration, displaced temper passed from one generation to the next. Inheritances of pretence, hitting you in the middle of a quiet night, fostering sobs you didn’t know could exist. Inheritances of resentment, stagnating bitterness that somehow never goes away, that reminds […]

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A drink


A drink Could mean That you compliment my eyes The evening might be nice And the stars could be bright The breeze a bit light And our glasses might clink While the lights would blink And I might just think Where is my favorite song Although I say the words all wrong And maybe I […]

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Language is a funny thing


“Five rupees for every word in Hindi,” the teacher would say, “you will be fined five rupees for every word spoken in Hindi.” That is how we were taught to speak in English. At nine or ten, we knew the theory of it, we knew how most words were spelt and written, we knew them […]

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The Truth of People


The only people for me are the true ones Whose eyes ring true with love When they close them for a fraction of second It is for reassurance When they laugh It is the truth which arises from their chest And their nod Is like the world gone easy The wave of their hand Matches […]

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La La Land, and the Last Smile


So much had already been said and written about La La Land that I couldn’t find anything new to add to the conversation, although I saw the movie pretty early on. While I didn’t warm up to the movie for the first few minutes, I started liking it as it progressed. There are so many […]

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The Limitations of Language


Perhaps it’s time to start considering yourself lucky in life if you think that you are unable to express what you are feeling, that words keep falling short, and that language is inadequate to articulate your experience. A lot of literary theory talks about the limitations of language, about how it is simply not enough […]

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Grip on Reality

Perhaps we learn something invaluable about our own selves every time we meet new people. Each of us creates a customized system for ourselves through which we navigate the world; we build that system through our experiences, the kind of people we surround ourselves with, the exposure to others’ views we receive, the socialization we […]

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I haven’t taken any new year’s resolutions for the past few years, but this time the idea seems appealing. It’s a chance to resolve to do things, and I don’t want to pass up on that. These are my new year resolutions: 1.  Focus on health: It’s been a struggle all my life, but this year […]

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Quiz and Ball Schedule


Turn off all distractions: important info coming up! This is how the night will pan out (unless we get attacked by death eaters of course, in case of which a warning-by-patronus is welcome). The Harry Potter Pub Quiz Last Entry: 6.30 pm Quiz Format 4 Rounds Round 1: Paper Test Round 2: Paper Test Round […]

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