La La Land, and the Last Smile


So much had already been said and written about La La Land that I couldn’t find anything new to add to the conversation, although I saw the movie pretty early on. While I didn’t warm up to the movie for the first few minutes, I started liking it as it progressed. There are so many […]

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The Limitations of Language


Perhaps it’s time to start considering yourself lucky in life if you think that you are unable to express what you are feeling, that words keep falling short, and that language is inadequate to articulate your experience. A lot of literary theory talks about the limitations of language, about how it is simply not enough […]

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Grip on Reality

Perhaps we learn something invaluable about our own selves every time we meet new people. Each of us creates a customized system for ourselves through which we navigate the world; we build that system through our experiences, the kind of people we surround ourselves with, the exposure to others’ views we receive, the socialization we […]

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I haven’t taken any new year’s resolutions for the past few years, but this time the idea seems appealing. It’s a chance to resolve to do things, and I don’t want to pass up on that. These are my new year resolutions: 1.  Focus on health: It’s been a struggle all my life, but this year […]

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Quiz and Ball Schedule


Turn off all distractions: important info coming up! This is how the night will pan out (unless we get attacked by death eaters of course, in case of which a warning-by-patronus is welcome). The Harry Potter Pub Quiz Last Entry: 6.30 pm Quiz Format 4 Rounds Round 1: Paper Test Round 2: Paper Test Round […]

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Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Walk


The leaves in the meadows are now yellow and brown. They crinkle at the slightest touch, and are gathered around the elm trees that perimeter the grass, which covers the ground like rich, green velvet, cut through only by dark grey, concrete pathways. We walk on the pathways because the grass is always wet. The […]

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It’s been a difficult question To answer What it means to truly love someone. They say it’s selfish All love is selfish You love for yourself For contentment And security Some drama Entertainment To grab a hand in bad times Sweaty though it may be To share a laugh in good times Embarrassing though it […]

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The Greatest Wealth


Perhaps I’m being presumptuous, for I am not so old and experienced yet; but for all I have seen and all I have known, people- supportive, loving, funny people- are your greatest wealth, and nothing else. I keep reminding myself, as a refrain in my head, I keep telling myself: the human life is a […]

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The Magic of Harry Potter: Literature & Writing Workshops- Season 2


  Find the Facebook event link here: Buy your workshop tickets here: What| A series of ten workshops in which we study a curated list of different themes and nuances in Harry Potter, followed by creative writing workshops. A month long book and literature workshop, where twice a week we will discuss the nuances and themes, […]

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The Dilemma of the Name


It was the greatest dilemma of all Faced by Generations and generations and generations Of  women The Dilemma of the Name. For what would she call a person Whose name she cannot take? She assigns him Some vagueness A signifier A twitch of the brow Some sense in the tone And say “inhone” And “unhone” […]

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