What is the Good Life?


I mean to explore this question in a manner that seeks to gain an understanding of what being successful entails, and what we think of when we set life goals, where we hope to end up once we have crossed this particular stretch of time characterized by the so-called hard work- is it a way […]

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She posed a question quite simple, in a lecture that digressed without meaning to as often lectures do, posing a question quite simple: can women loiter? Can women loiter, I thought to myself, and the very thought seemed strange- loiter? How? Do what in that? And why? What does ‘loitering’ even imply? A quick Google […]

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PK still has a lot of growing up to do.

[Image source: http://www.santabanta.com/wallpapers/pk/] *Spoilers ahead The film has already broken all sorts of records at the box office, only behind Dhoom 3 perhaps, and has garnered more attention than it probably ever expected to- religious controversies and orders of banning the movie will get audience to the theatres faster than you can say PK. Rajkumar Hirani, […]

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As In..

William Wordsworth in The Prelude talks about those ‘spots of time’, spots because they  are literally little spots in the timeline of the giantness of life- little stains and little spots, when things become clear. Things become clear- in that particular moment, you attain self actualization, the realization of which may itself be temporary, but such are […]

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