The Boy In Love With People


I knew once a boy

Irrevocably in love with people

He stares at your little mouth

As it curves and laughs

He looks into your twinkly eyes

As they flicker so fast

He loves them

The colorful people

Walking around with little stories

His eyes blaze as you move

Your smile fresh and new

He looks curious as you talk

And hands move to explain

He sings along as you walk

Skipping lane to lane

He’s in love with them

The little people

Irrevocably so

Their look and sound

He talks of them

Like they’re his quirks

His personal little quirks

Indulgences of a kind

Keeping them in a collection

Saving them in his mind

He rolls his eyes

Rolls them at you

Shaking his head

Like he just knows you

He talks of you

In his full being

He speaks of you

Like you’re alive

Like every part of you

Is full and alive

He’s amused

By the people around

Endlessly amused

Irrevocably in love

With you

And your little life

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