The Idea of Success

The idea of success has definitely changed for me. And while it is something that will constantly change over time, I think it is important to direct it in a way so that it becomes, ‘to be able to lead a happier life’. Happier in the sense that you choose to do things, shape your life circumstances in a manner that lead you to approach each day with more positivity , live every day more intensely and to be able to feel the difference when you weren’t.

The idea of success would be doing things that make you happy, not in the empty materialist sense, or even the grossly misunderstood notion of travel, but in adopting practices that bring positivity to your life in an everyday routine. For I have realised that there are better ways to live and it is up to us to actively and consciously choose those ways whatever it takes. May it be strong faith, people who act as anchors, a physical place that induces such emotions, or simply a lifestyle decision- it is a duty we owe unto ourselves: to consciously choose to live in a way that makes us more positive.

For success is never an end goal: it is a way of life. You succeed every time you wake up with a head full of idea and enthusiasm to live out the day. You succeed every time you feel gratitude to be able to lead a life that you love, every time you desire to live more and more, to experience, touch and feel: you succeed every time you nurse a positive desire for anything. You succeed when you look forward to life, and what it might offer you.

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